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Scaling microservices with

photo of a server room


Date: 2016-11-19

Part of the reason people use microservices is to be able to scale application hotspots. This presentation gives an introduction to how this can be done using

For a video of this presentation at EuroPython (slightly different slides), see our videos page

Security in the IoT

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Date: 2016-11-23

Presentation on some general aspects of IoT security and on the specific aspect of securing connections. Explains part of our security philosophy regarding this aspect.

Based on a presentation at the IoT Franken meetup on 2015-10-20 and an update for the Software Engineering Barcamp 2016 in Erlangen. Presentation slides are not fully self-contained.

Seamless Connectivity (in German)

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Date: 2016-05-25

Ein Überblick darüber, wie nahtlose Konnektivität ermöglicht, und welche kommerziellen Leistungen hierzu angeboten werden. Ein besonderer Fokus liegt dabei auf dem Sicherheitsaspekt im IoT.

An overview of how enables seamless connectivity and of the commercial services which are offered for it. There is a special focus on security in the context of the IoT.

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