IoT Meetup Franken

Tobias and Alex, the founders of, are the organizers of the IoT Franken Meetup.

Meetups are monthly, usually in the coworking space at the Medical Valley Center in Erlangen, Germany.

photo of people at the IoT Meetup Franken @ coworking Erlangen

The usual format is one or more presentations on topics related to the Internet of Things, followed by lively discussions.

Past topics have included

We find these meetups valuable as an opportunity to learn about what others in the IoT sphere are doing, what users in this area want, as well as what the problems are that they encounter.

In our experience, providing a space where people from hobbyists to professional users from large companies can mingle and exchange ideas freely, leads to interesting and wide-ranging discussions which always provide new food for thought.

Last, but not least, it's a lot of fun!

If you're in the area, find out about the next meetup at the page for the meetup

To get an idea of the content presented in the Meetups, you can check out this presentation (runs in the browser).

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