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Tell us your specific support needs, e.g. for custom applications you deploy for your customers.

We will try and create a support package that meets your exact requirements.


The open source Crossbar.io router is licensed under the AGPL v3.

As a strong copyleft license this assures that modifications are contributed to the project.

The AGPL v3 does not affect clients which are connecting to Crossbar.io via WAMP, REST or MQTT. Other effects of the AGPL v3 are less clear, though.

We cannot offer a free legal opinion on what the impact of the AGPL v3 are on the full range of uses which may occur by OEMs, e.g. on under what cicrumstances it is permissible to integrate and ship the open source Crossbar.io router with a commercial product.

Even though the (A)GPL is a widely used license, court decisions on its application are rare, and, in any case, interpretation may differ across jurisdictions. For some use cases, it may therefore not possible to give a definitive answer regarding their legality at all.

To avoid any uncertainties that the AGPL v3 may bring for your use case, Crossbar.io GmbH can supply you with a commercial license to the Crossbar.io code. We hold the full rights in this code, and can license under terms that best fit your use case

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If you require OEM support or licensing, then contact us at contact@crossbario.com

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