Products GmbH is a German startup led by the architect of and original designer of the WAMP protocol. It employs the core developers for and drives the development of the WAMP ecosystem. Development Acceleration Package

We are presently offering support tailored for the development phase of applications using The package is for a specific project, team and timeframe.

For more details, see the product page. Fabric

We are working on additional commercial offerings which extend the utility and expand the features of the router.

These offerings will center on the use cases that the open-source version of does not handle: dynamic configuration and multi-node deployments (hence the name "Fabric"). Fabric offerings will have the DevOps Center at their core.

The DevOps Center (CDC) is an online service (currently in closed alpha) to which nodes run by you connect. This provides remote management and monitoring features, and will enable additional features like clustering of nodes.

diagram of nodes connected to the CDC, with monitoring and configuration traffic between the nodes and the CDC and router coordination traffic between the nodes - and one node with connected application components, with application traffic handled by the node

Billing for Fabric is going to be be usage-based, allowing a low-cost entry during the launch phase of your products and scaling with the utility you derive from our services.

(Note: All application traffic is handled by the nodes you run. The CDC only receives and sends management and monitoring data!)

The Roadmap

We have both a short- and medium term plan for implementing our commercial offerings, as well as an overarching vision for where we want and the WAMP ecosystem to go.

For more information see the roadmap page.

Custom Support & Development

If you

then contact us - to see what we can do for you.

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