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What is Fabric?

The Fabric Service allows you to remotely monitor and manage Fabric router nodes.

The Fabric router is a commercial, extended version of the open source router, which connects to the Fabric Center online service.

Using the Fabric Center API, you can remotely change the configuration of the Fabric nodes at runtime, as well as get monitoring data about the node.

The Fabric service is under development and being alpha tested.

What can I do with this?

At the moment, you get full remote access to the internal management API of the connected Fabric nodes (via the Fabric Center). This allows node configuration at run-time (i.e. you don't need to restart after each configuration change).

This allows you to e.g.

You can also do some basic monitoring, e.g.

Access is presently via the Fabric Shell (a command-line interpreter) and programmantically from your own code.

The Fabric Center API is a WAMP API. This means that management can be done from any WAMP component!

This makes it easy to e.g. configure the router for an application from within the application.

How do I get started?

To get started, you need

There are full instructions for setup and numerous examples to try out.

The Alpah Test is free, and you get to use the full set of features which are already implemented.

We reserve the right to make features part of paid plans for the Fabric Service in the future.

Note: This is an alpha test, so don't use this for production deployments or any use case where loss of data at the management and monitoring level could be a problem. (The Fabric instances should run stable, but we cannot make any guarantees whatsoever about the rest of the service.)

Why should I participate?

Your feedback about problems and missing features influences the development of the service, so that you get a tool that best serves you.

Your bug reports speed up development and help us make the service more stable.

Feedback Channels

You can send us feedback and contact us via

Where do things go from here?

We are going to extend the features of Fabric over time.

Some upcoming features are

For more details, see our roadmap.

Things to come

Apart from the present roadmap for Fabric, we are working on something which could both hugely accelearate the development of and (also hugely) expand the scope of what we are doing.

Stay tuned!

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