FX FX is a set of services and software that build on the proven open source software. It provides commercial support as well as features supporting the use in enterprise deployments Open Source - Connectivity Toolkit

The open source message router allows you to easily develop applications with microservice architectures, for the real-time Web or the Internet of Things. FX - for the Enterprise FX extends the functionality of the open source software, offers additional tooling to support large-scale deployments and the monitoring and management of applications, and can include full commercial support.

Core of this are FX Edge and Master editions. FX Edge is intended primarily for local routing and managing Edge application components. FX Master is for cloud and large-scale routing, allows the connection of multiple Master and Edge instances, and provides the monitoring and administration tooling for both itself and application components. FX Edge FX Edge nodes are intended for local connectivity in larger applications, e.g. on the shopfloor. It offers enhanced functionality over the open source message router, with a focus on application and data analytics. FX Edge nodes can be linked to FX Master nodes to allow remote control, monitoring and other advanced features. FX Master FX Master is intended for core connectivity in applications, and offers added functionality for monitoring and management of FX Edge and Master nodes as well as entire applications and Edge devices.

This allows you to centrally, remotely

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Management is via browser-based GUI, shell application or directly usind the API (API is used by GUI and shell and provides full access to all features).

Additional Tooling

We are working on additional tools to extend the utility of for your enterprise usage. FX Dashboard

Getting insight into what is happening within production and other processes within a company requires accessing data from many disparate sources.

The FX Dashboard enables the integration of apps across the full range of stakeholders and partners in a single user interface. Compose the dashboards you need for specific tasks - all with the assurance that the data streams stay cleanly separated. With the XBR technology we are developing, data streams between stakeholders can be monetized. Profit from the value of your own data and easily make pay-by-use purchases of external analytics services. FX Workbench

The FX Workbench extends the established open source Jupyter notebook software with the ability to query for and send data from and to This provides your anaylists and data scientists with the full tooling to interactively and quickly analyize the data from your applications.

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