Enterprise Support Package

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We offer full support for your enterprise/production deployments of Crossbar.io nodes.


Enterprise Support Packages include

The Enterprise Support Package is billed per Crossbar.io node and for a period of 12 months.

It includes 3 designated customer employees for contacting support in the basic package.

You can file tickets via Zendesk, with several communication channels available for the ticket resolution.

Commercial Production Support

Get support from the creators of the open source Crossbar.io router. Benefit from the deep technical knowledge and get priority fixes for issues which block you in production.

Commercial License

You receive a commercial license for the covered Crossbar.io node(s) for the duration of the support package.

Access to the Crossbar.io Fabric Center

The Crossbar.io Fabric Center (CFC) is an online service currently under development to which Crossbar.io nodes run by customers connect.

The CFC already provides full access to the configuration of connected Crossbar.io nodes as well as to some monitoring data. It will enable additional features such as pairing nodes for high availability, and clustering and federation of nodes.

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11,000 € per node/year (does not include applicable sales tax)

Contact Us

To order, or to receive further information, please contact us - contact@crossbario.com.

Please note that we will be moving to a usage-based pricing model in the near future, and that renewals of the Enterprise Support Package with per-node pricing will not be possible after this transition..

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