Licensing is distributed under a dual-license model, i.e. it is available under either an open source license (AGPL v3) or a commercial license. Technologies GmbH holds the full rights in the source code of, enabling it to control the licensing.

To receive more information about receiving a commercial license for, please contact

Why the APGL v3?

The AGPL v3 was chosen since this was the only license to fulfill all the requirements we had:

Clients as Separate Works

We see any code which connects to via WAMP as a separate work. The license (the AGPL v3) does not apply to WAMP clients. This applies irrespective of where these run, i.e. also to components which are run side-by-side within a native worker of type router, which are run in a native worker of type container or in a guest worker.

We promise to stand by this view of the license. If you need further assurance, you can email us at for a signed letter asserting the above promise.

Permissive Licenses for Client Libraries

We release all our client libraries (those provided by the Autobahn project) under non-copyleft licenses, which allow their use for closed-source & commercial software. For other client libraries see their respective licenses (the publicly available ones appear to be universally non-copyleft as well, so you should be able to use them in any kind of project).

Copyright and Trademarks

See the Copyright and Trademarks page.

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