Automotive Data Markets

Automotive Data Markets

Continental, and HPE presented „Earn as you ride“ at IAA 2019

Continental AG is bundling some of its digital automotive services under „Earn as you Ride“. During the IAA 2019 Continental introduced these services to a broad audience for the first time. The technological basis for the underlying secure data exchange and trading in real time is the generic blockchain platform XBR. GmbH supplies the technology stack and implements the backend integration based on microservices. Continental AG brings in its industry and process know-how from the automotive industry. HPE creates the application frontends and runs the technical operation of the data markets. Initial use cases as well as services such as on-street parking or the road weather service were developed in close cooperation.

What Is Car Data Monetization?

Modern cars are sensor platforms which generate large amounts of data about their usage and environment. This data can be used in other cars, but also by cities, businesses and people.

Here below is how's XBR technology enables a road weather condition service, from Car A noticing a problematic condition at step [1] (aquaplaning) up to step [8] where Car B which follows gets a real-time warning about this, enabling the driver to react to the situation.

Automotive OEM

With XBR, provides a full technology stack that enables the sharing and monetization of any data, including car data. It does so in real-time, securely and scalable.

Car and Vehicle Data Monetization - Challenges

OEM Challenges

Automotive OEM
  • Lack of an integrated, open technology stack for data sharing and trading
  • Lack of an open mobility services ecosystem
  • Lack of resources and infrastructure

The XBR technology cuts the Gordian knot of data sharing by providing an open platform which allows OEMs to connect with the full range of other stakeholders such as car owners, drivers, insurance companies and mobility service providers. This allows the fast and cost-efficient implementation of data sharing cases and supports new business models based on this.

Driver/Passenger Challenges

  • Concerns about data security and safety of connected cars
  • Acceptance of providing own data to third parties
  • Willingness to pay for mobility services

The XBR technology provides all necessary functionality to engage and incentivize consumers for sharing their data. Data sharing occurs under consumer control (GDPR-compliant processes) and is fully secure. Data-based services can provide immediate, obvious benefits to drivers, such as increasing driving saftey.

Service Provider Challenges

Mobility Service Provider
  • Establish direct contact and interaction between service provider and (in-vehicle) service consumer.
  • No single player can succeed outside an open digital ecosystem
  • Provide immediately attractive services to the consumer

The XBR data monetization technology approach connects all relevant stakeholders, motivating service developers and providers from around the world to generate great value-added services and to participate in this open data-driven ecosystem. ​

Car Data as a Digital Enabler for other Industries

Car data can generate value beyond automotive use cases. It can support e.g. supply chain optimizations for businesses, enable reducing emissions and traffic congestion in smart cities or allow micro-local weather warnings.


  • Value-added fleet services
  • Shared mobility services
  • Decentralized transportation networks


  • Holistic energy consumption monitoring
  • Intelligent grid (car charging)


  • CO2 emmission optimization
  • Smart pollution recognition
  • Traffic, health, security data integration

Smart City

Smart City
  • Smart parking service
  • Intelligent real-time routing
  • Data based city planning


  • Pay-per-x business models (e.g. pay per use for tires)
  • Real time consumer ratings (driving data for real time credit scoring)


  • Real-time road condition info
  • Incentivise driver for good driving skills
  • Predictive maintenance of critical components


  • Supply chain optimization
  • Asset Management Services


  • Usage-based insurance
  • Data-based risk evaluation


  • Real time location-based promotion
  • Location-based smart shopping
  • Crowd sourcing tasks (order delivery)

Why's Data Monetization technology is best-in-class and profitable for your business

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