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Trademarks are have protection to protect consumers first, and to give manufacturers a possibility to benefit from goodwill accrued in the marketplace for their trademark second.

With a protected trademark, a consumer can be certain that what he or she is buying is produced by a certain manufacturer who has been active in the market using the trademark. A manufacturer can distinguish itself in the marketplace by consistently providing certain qualities regarding the goods or services offered under a trademark.

To achieve this, trademark law disallows others from using a mark, or confusingly similar marks, once a manufacturer has established a market presence and consumers rely on a mark for their purchasing decisions.

At its core, trademark law is about avoiding consumer confusion. Trademark protection is not there to place a limit on free speech.

This trademark policy tries to give guidelines for how to achieve the goals of trademark protection (avoid consumer confusion) while preserving your rights to express yourself in regards to the trademarks we hold. This policy does not itself impose any limits on your use or otherwise restrict your rights.

Allowed Uses

The short of it: Any use which is informative and does not imply an official connection to the respective project.

You can discuss any of our technologies using the proper names. You can praise it or criticize the hell out of it. As long as you are making either factual statements or judgments of any kind, that is fine.

Idenitifying the technology you're talking about can in principle be done through the use of the respective word marks alone. There are, however, cases where use of design marks may be allowed as well. An example case would be to use the design marks in a header graphic for a comparison test between different related technologies.

Impermissible uses

Any use which could lead a consumer to believe that a product or service is offered by us as holders of the trademark used, or in any way officially endorsed, connected with us or otherwise has our blessing, without this truly being the case.

The standards applied for determining confusion may vary. One famous one with some US courts is "that even an idiot in a hurry would not confuse them". This is pretty wide, but it shows that the situation considered as a whole is what determines infringement. Consumer confusion is not something you determine using a checklist which abstractly covers all possibilities. It is something which is determined when looking at the entire facts of an individual case.

Be aware that confusion may not only be caused by a misuse of a trademark as-is, but can also be caused by the use of a trademark which is too similar to an existing mark.

Explicit Trademark License

If you want to use any of our trademarks in a way which would cleary be impermissible, or are not certain whether your intended use is allowed, then contact us for an explicit trademark license. Depending on the facts of the case, this may be something we can grant quickly and without much overhead.

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