Tobias Oberstein

Tobias Oberstein

Founder, software architect and lead developer.

Tobias has been programming since he was 12. He's worked in C, C++, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Java, Erlang, Lua and Assembly, but these days prefers Python. He has a background in math and statistics and was consulting in the field of data warehousing for telecom and financial companies before he started

Alexander Gödde

Alexander Gödde

Co-founder, frontend developer, user experience, community relations, legal.

A lawyer by education, a teacher by training, Alex is both applying his previous experience to and expanding his technology skills to do more than appreciate the technical beauty of what we are doing.




Core developer

Meejah is a computer scientist who has worked on many different systems over his career (usually Linux and C++). Lately he is proud to contribute to several open-source Python projects. He is the author of txtorcon (a controller for Tor) and enjoys cycling, climbing, backcountry skiing, bee-keeping and several other (probably ill-advised) hobbies when not programming.


Omer Akram


A strong believer and supporter in OSS, Omer has been highly active in the Ubuntu community for the past 8 years. He is convinced that by working together in a joint effort open source can take over the world. Omer was previously engaged as a QA Engineer at Canonical, with a focus on Ubuntu Desktop and mobile devices. He literally lives in front of a computer - no matter whether he is working or not (don’t do this at home!). He has a strong interest in software security and privacy and he is constantly keeping a critical eye on world affairs.

Business Development / Sales

Mark Steinkamp

Strategy / Contracts

Originally trained in finance, Mark holds a Masters Degree in Coaching and Consulting for Change from INSEAD, a Mediation certificate and a degree in Adjudication from the College of Estate Management in Reading, UK. As experienced general manager for international business challenges and former CFO of a Siemens business unit, Mark’s main job is strategic advisor for start-ups and consultant for large infrastructure and construction projects (EPC). For both he uses everything from his strong technical understanding and intercultural skills to his expertise in contract management - including M&A transactions.

Thomas Völklein

Marketing / Sales

Thomas works his magic in inspiring and involving people, prefering doing to talking. Connecting the dots for a wide range of stakeholders has helped him succeed in large projects across multiple industries. One focus for him is value creation within organisations - transforming value chains, improving work culture and removing road blocks. He always aims for open first and building open ecosystems. When not designing digital business models Tommi has a deep love for Australia, his three daughters, heart-smart cooking and playing the drums in a rock´n roll band.

Boyan Petrov

Business Development / Sales

An energetic problem solver, Boyan has been active in the field of analytics consultancy in the last few years, creating enthusiasm for data-driven decision making. A trained economist, he strongly believes that data is a crucial good in a modern society and relishes the opportunity to help create a free and secure data market.

Office and Design

Janne Kirst

Design & Graphics

Janne is an interior designer and 3-D visualizer.
He has started the process of making all things look nice(r). He's also learning Web design in order to take up the maintenance and development of our Web sites.

Silvia Stephan


Silvia has supported teams across various companies from small to big - and puts all that experience to good use for us.
She is the first line of contact for customers, keeps the books, coordinates our timetables and generally keeps things sane and organized around the office.


Stefan Probst

Stefan Probst


Stefan has been active in the area of open source software for more than 20 years. He's been a founder, head of R & D and managing director, e.g. at LST, Caldera, SCO, SUSE and Novell. He advises startups and large corporations on how to leverage the advantages of open source and open innovation. In addition to providing invaluable ideas, inspiration and counsel, he (almost) always knows the right people for extending our network.

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