Student Intern for HTML5/JavaScript Frontend Development

We are preparing the launch of a cloud-based management and monitoring solution for We are looking for a student intern in Erlangen, Germany, to work on a browser frontend, using current HTML5 technologies.

The frontend we want

Technologies we are using

We are open to the use of other libraries and tools if they prove useful.

Who we are

We are a startup in Erlangen, Germany. We are the creators and maintainers of

We are providing support and consulting services for our open source projects, and are getting ready to launch a cloud service which will allow the management and monitoring of instances, as well as enable additional functionality such as creating high availability sets and clustering of routers.

Your place in this

Be part of the entire process of creating the frontend. Work with Alex (co-founder, UI guy among other things): Design UI structure and individual screens, create widgets for data input and display, work on the structure of the frontend logic as well as on individual modules, write and run tests, get user feedback and incorporate it into the design.

We will be a team of two, so what you focus on in your work is at least partially determined by your interests and existing knowledge.

What we provide for you

We provide you with a work laptop and a desk in our office in Erlangen (Waldstra├če 18) - and, of course, a competitive remuneration. We're flexible regarding work hours, and generally pragmatic: The main goal is to get things done.

We do not promise permanent fun and games, and certainly do not expect this job to be your full life outside of university.

We do promise that you will gain valuable experience, get to be creative and that you can help shape a product.

What we require from you

Familiarity with HTML5 technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) in general. A keen interest in learning more about these and about the other technologies we are using. A desire to create good and useful software as well as an interest in user interfaces.

The ability to understand spoken German would be a plus, but we do so much of our work in English that we can probably switch over office talk to that as well.

Advanced knowledge in any of the used technologies and/or experience in application and user interface design is, naturally, a plus, but being able to learn quickly is more important.

Are you interested?

Contact Alex via email ( with a short CV. Links to projects you've worked on are highly welcome (and more important than having a polished CV).

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