Student Intern for Developer Documentation

Good documentation is what makes any project accessible to potential users, and helps existing users to use the full potential of the software. We are looking for somebody who can help us to improve and extend our project documentation - somebody who can better explain the basics of, walk users through usage scenarios, write tutorials, edit existing documentation and become active in covering yet undocumented features.

What we want

We want documentation which helps prospective users to decide whether is the right tool for them and their use cases, helps new users to quickly gain an overview of the software and start with their first deployments, and guides experienced users to use the full range of the software's features when they need them.

Technologies we are using

Our documentation pages reside in Markdown files which are parsed and converted into HTML which is served as static pages.

Who we are

We are a startup in Erlangen, Germany. We are the creators and maintainers of

We are providing support and consulting services for our open source projects, and are getting ready to launch a cloud service which will allow the management and monitoring of instances, as well as enable additional functionality such as creating high availability sets and clustering of routers.

Your place in this

Contribute a fresh perspective! We are too familiar with the project to have a good view of the pitfalls and problems that new users face - so the fact that you know little of our project is an asset.

We already have a large amount of documentation, but there is much to do:

What we provide for you

We provide you with a work laptop and a desk in our office in Erlangen (Waldstra├če 18) - and, of course, a competitive remuneration. We're flexible regarding work hours, and generally pragmatic: The main goal is to get things done.

We do not promise permanent fun and games, and certainly do not expect this job to be your full life outside of university.

We do promise that you will gain valuable experience, get to be creative and that you can help shape a product.

What we require from you

Basic familiarity with JavaScript and Python. The ability to understand the features and use of a complex piece of software. The capability to order and structure larger amounts of information. An interest in communicating and explaining this to users. The writing skills in English necessary to achieve this.

The ability to understand spoken German would be a plus, but we do so much of our work in English that we can probably switch over office talk to that as well.

Experience in documenting software is a plus, but the main thing is that you can write clearly and well-structured.

Are you interested?

Contact Alex via email ( with a short CV and some writing samples (does not need to be technical writing, but should be long enough to give us an idea of your writing skills beyond a couple of paragraphs).

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