WAMP user language survey

, Alexander Goedde

Our first WAMP user survey regarding programming languages shows JavaScript and Python in the lead.

Survey overview

We asked visitors of the WAMP project homepage to take a quick, two question survery:

  1. Rank a list of languages according to how important they are for WAMP
  2. Add any missing languages

A total of 32 users were kind enough to take the survey.

The Language Ranking

Here are the rankings for the languages we included on the list. The first number is the average ranking for importance (out of 5), the second number in brackets is how many survey participants gave a rating for the language.

  1. Javascript (Browser) - 4,44 (27)
  2. Python - 3,64 (28)
  3. JavaScript (NodeJS) - 3.52 (27)
  4. Java (Android) - 3.16 (25)
  5. PHP - 3.06 (24)
  6. ObjectiveC (iOS) - 2.92 (24)
  7. Java (JVM/Server) - 2.75 (24)
  8. C - 2.54 (24)
  9. C++ - 2.52 (23)
  10. .NET (Desktop) - 2.24 (23)
  11. .NET (Server) - 2.05 (21)
  12. .NET (Windows Phone) - 1.86 (21)
  13. Lua - 1.67 (21)
  14. Erlang - 1.5 (22)

JavaScript for the Browser leads all other languages by quite a margin. I think in part this reflects where WAMP comes from - it started out as a WebSocket subprotocol.

There seem to be quite a few peopel focused on Wed development among the participants: JavaScript and one or more back end language (such as JavaScript on Node.js, PHP or Python) were frequently ranked as important together.

Participants generally are either quite polyglot, or gave answers which were looking beyond their particualar field of work: The average answer listed more than five languages as important.

Missing Languages

Ruby won this one by far, with a total of seven mentions. Other languages mentioned were Go, Scala, Groovy, Swift, Rust, Ocaml and Haskell.

There were also the requisite joke submissions: LaTeX and Perl (not to diss the latter, but the submitter made it clear he wasn't serious).

Language support - present & future

As far as implementations go, the current situation for WAMP v2 is not bad.

The Autobahn project libraries, which Tavendo has initiated, cover JavaScript, Python and C++, and there are third party implementations for Objective-C, PHP, Erlang, JavaScript and Lua - totalling 6 out of the 14 languages listed (or 15 when you include Ruby).

An update for Autobahn|Android to WAMP v2 is planned, but due to resource limitations we can't offer a concrete date. When this happens, a library for the Java on the Server should be soon to follow.

There is also work underway for a third-party Java implementation as well as an update to WampSharp which supports WAMP v2.

[Update 2014-10-24] WampSharp has been updated with WAMP v2 support, and there's now a Java implementation, jawampa. This brings the number of supported languages for WAMP v2 clients up to 8!

As for C, Ruby or any other unsupported languae - anybody reading this interested in joining the WAMP community and contributing an implementation?

(Some of the ground work for a Ruby implementation is already here on GitHub)

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