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Connecting the Internet-of-Things is connecting distributed applications - such as in the Internet-of-Things. Here is an illustration of how connects devices, systems and people:


  • 00. Clients connect to
  • 01. Clients subscribe to "temperature"
  • 02. Fan registers "start/stop fan"
  • 03. Motor temperature rises.
  • 04. Sensor publishes "temperature"
  • 05. "temperature" event dispatched
  • 06. Backend calls "start/stop fan"
  • 07. "start/stop fan" invoked
  • 08. Motor temperature falls.
  • 09. Sensor publishes "temperature"
  • 10. "temperature" event dispatched
  • 11. Backend calls "start/stop fan"
  • 12. "start/stop fan" invoked for the Enterprise

With FX, we are offering a range of software and services which extend the functionality of the open source message router and support its use in enterprise deployments.

diagram of an example application using the open source message router

The open source message router provides

  • connection of components in distributed applications
  • data collection and a command & control channel in a single technology stack
  • secure connections from and to anywhere (including Web browsers) - no open ports on end devices

This allows you to more easily develop applications with microservice architectures, for the real-time Web or the Internet of Things.

diagram of an example application and control structure using the Fabric software FX adds advanced enterprise features and tooling such as

  • high availability and clustering
  • remote management and monitoring of routing
  • support for live application analytics and data science
  • full control over application components running on the Edge

as well as commercial licenses and full production support - provided by the development team of the open source software.

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we are working on connected mobility projects with

as part of the PRODISYS project,
with industrial project partners Audi, Continental, SAP and Xenon

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