Commercial Open Source

We are committed to as an open source project, with Fabric providing commercial services and additional features.

These services and features are there to provide the support that professional users require as well as deliver advanved capabilities to extend the utility for large-scale or mission-critical deployments.

Internet of Things/Industrial Internet

Our focus in the development of and Fabric are applications in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT presents the logical culmination of the developments of ever smaller computers and near-pervasive network connectivity. Irrespective of any hype about particular aspects, it is obvious that billions more devices are going to be connected in the future.

WAMP and are a great match for IoT applications. WAMP was designed for distributed applications, and its routed Remote Procedure Calls (rRPCs) provide the control channel missing from other protocols.'s performance and stability allow applications at the scale the IoT requires.

Open Source vs. Commercial Features

The basic distinction between the open source and the commercial offerings and features around it is

We are actively developing the open source project, and will continue to extend its features.

Currently we are in the process of adding MQTT support, expanding the possibilities of integrating WAMP applications with existing systems.

Current Offerings

We are currently offering the Development Acceleration Package. Fabric Fabric comprises all future commercial services and offerings around DevOps Center

These are based on the connection of nodes to the DevOps Center (CDC), our online service.

The CDC does not handle application traffic, but is there for monitoring, managing, connecting and orchestrating nodes.

The CDC is currently in private alpha.

Feature Roadmap

The first release will be a basic monitoring solution, which allows you to view key metrics of your nodes in any modern browser.

Further planned features are (in projected order of release):

We are also exploring the possibilities for OPC-UA support, allowing direct integration of WAMP applications with shop floor machinery.

Pricing Model & Usage Tiers

Charges will be based on usage metrics of the connected nodes, with minimum charges for those tiers containing

Avaliability of features may depend on the usage tier of a customer.

Commercial support with SLA will be available for some usage tiers.

We will provide a free usage tier intended for experimenting and small-scale hobby projects.

Contact Us

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