Gain insights from app messaging data.
Serve transactional and analytical workloads from one database. LiveIQ is hard- and software reference architecture for a full-stack application platform, including a message bus, an application container and a database.

In particular the technology stack consists of: is an open source messaging router which provides the communication fabric for the entire system stack and user applications at the same time. All important application communication and microservice messaging capabilities are already available in the platform. Plus is an extended feature version of, which allows remote dynamic configuration and monitoring of nodes. Multi-node clustering, fail-over and federation will also be introduced here.

The goal with LiveIQ is to provide a complete and flexible full-stack application platform that serves as the perfect host for your next application. We believe LiveIQ to be applicable in many diverse scenarios, ranging from general purpose real-time Web to Internet-of-things to big-data and data-warehouses. LiveIQ Products & Support LiveIQ is available for enterprise development projects and for production deployments. Enterprise Development Package

  • Plus+ Development License
  • DevOps Center Development Access
  • Developer Support
  • LiveIQ Development License

Our developer support includes helping with any question or problem a developer might encounter related to in development use.

Pricing: Flat fee per project and team, for up to 8 developers, up to 20 nodes and 12 months. For further information, please contact us. Enterprise Subscription

  • Plus+ Enterprise License
  • DevOps Center Production Access
  • Production Support
  • LiveIQ Enterprise License

Our production support is SLA backed and covers all questions, problems or incidences an adiminstrator might encounter related to in production use.

Pricing: Usage based per million messages routed and per TB data stored. LiveIQ Partners & Solutions LiveIQ is licensed and supported by, while complete customer solutions are delivered through partners. is partnering with selected solution providers, such as Record Evolution, which realize customer projects based on LiveIQ, while supports the whole solution lifecycle, from development to production.

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