IoT Starter Kit

The IoT Starter Kit is a great way to get started with IoT, coding and

photo of the IoT starter kit - a Rasperry Pi with a breadboard and some LEDs in an acrylic casing bearing the logo

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What and Why?

The value of IoT applications is created by solving user problems. There is no value in reinventing the wheel for technical details such as how to connect a sensor.

With the IoT Starter Kit, we provide a development platform which provides solutions for technical details and enables you to focus your efforts on creating value for your users.

The starter kit provides the hardware basis for quick prototyping of sensor and actuator components for your application, and comes pre-loaded with the software to connect these as WAMP components. It can also run an instance of so that you can use the started kit as the heart of your application prototype.

The Raspberry Pi 3 which the starter kit includes is a capable, reliable single-board-computer which can run a standard Linux environment. It has a large ecosystem of add-on hardware and the largest community of users of any device in its class.

The starter kit adds a breadboard for connecting additional hardware and a RGB-LED strip as well as a quad-alphanumeric display give you the possibility to add immediate, on-board feedback about application state and user actions.

The kit is housed in a 5-layer laser-cut and etched acrylic casing. This can be easily disassembled to replace parts.

The entire kit can be powered by a USB battery pack, making this a truly mobile solution.

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