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Pi CPU temperature monitor

The Raspberry Pi Temperature Monitor component allows the remote monitoring of your Raspberry Pi's on-board temperature sensor.


Trying it out

The code for this can be found in the crossbarexamples GitHub repository under iotcookbook. You need to clone this (or download it as a ZIP file).

Open a shell for the component directory on your computer.

Start up

crossbar start

This also serves a frontend which displays the temperature and allows you to set a couple of parameters.

In tempmon_pi.js, add the URL of the machine on which runs:

var connection = new autobahn.Connection({
    // replace with the url of your crossbar instance
    url: "ws://<URL OF YOUR CROSSBAR INSTANCE>/ws",
    realm: "iot_cookbook"

Then get tempmon_pi.js onto the Raspberry Pi, e.g. by doing

scp tempmon_pi.js pi@<IP of your Pi>:~/

Now run our camera component


This should log

2015-05-23 12:49:52+0000 [-] Log opened.
2015-05-23 12:49:52+0000 [-] Pi serial is: 6ec468fc
2015-05-23 12:49:52+0000 [-] Pi Temperature Monitor starting with ID 6ec468fc ...
2015-05-23 12:49:57+0000 [-] Running on reactor <twisted.internet.epollreactor.EPollReactor object at 0x123a570>
2015-05-23 12:49:57+0000 [-] Starting factory <autobahn.twisted.websocket.WampWebSocketClientFactory object at 0x1242e50
2015-05-23 12:49:57+0000 [WampWebSocketClientProtocol,client] PiMonitor connected
2015-05-23 12:49:57+0000 [WampWebSocketClientProtocol,client] Registered io.crossbar.examples.pi.6ec468fc.tempmon.get_te
2015-05-23 12:49:57+0000 [WampWebSocketClientProtocol,client] Registered io.crossbar.examples.pi.6ec468fc.tempmon.impose
2015-05-23 12:49:57+0000 [WampWebSocketClientProtocol,client] Registered io.crossbar.examples.pi.6ec468fc.tempmon.toggle
2015-05-23 12:49:57+0000 [WampWebSocketClientProtocol,client] Registered io.crossbar.examples.pi.6ec468fc.tempmon.set_th
2015-05-23 12:49:57+0000 [WampWebSocketClientProtocol,client] PiMonitor ready.

Once this is running, the current temperature of your Pi should be displayed in the browser.

You can toggle the publishing of the temperature, and set a threshold at which to receive a temperature alarm.


The temperature is published to the topic io.crossbar.examples.pi.<your_pi_serial>.tempmon.on_temperature.

Publications to this can be toggled by calling io.crossbar.examples.pi.<your_pi_serial>.tempmon.toggle_publish.

A threshold temperature can be set by calling io.crossbar.examples.pi.<your_pi_serial>.tempmon.set_threshold with a threshold value (integer) as the argument.

For any threshold value other than '0', as long as the current temperature exceeds the threshold, the temperature is published to io.crossbar.examples.pi.<your_pi_serial>.tempmon.on_threshold_exceeded.

To produce a temperature increase by keeping the CPU busy, you can call io.crossbar.examples.pi.<your_pi_serial>.tempmon.impose_stress with an integer as an argument (values greater than 100000 are suggested).