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The Arduino Yun

The material here introduces the Arduino Yun, how to connect the Yun to and how to talk to the Yun from any other WAMP component, such as a browser or a backend (read more: integration in 3 slides).

The Arduino Yun

We also provide ready-to-go recipes for complete IoT components and apps based on the Yun and

  1. Getting Started
  2. Basic Tutorial
  3. Components
  4. Apps
  5. Recipes

Getting Started

We recommend reading into the following to get some background info, get things installed and configured and actually get you feet wet and talk to your Yun from a browser:

Basic Tutorial

A basic, three part tutorial that shows how to hook up the Yun to and communicate from any other WAMP component:

You'll learn how to write code running on the microcontroller talking to code running on the Yun's main CPU talking to and any other WAMP component running somewhere.


Arduino Yun based building blocks for use in IoT applications.

Input Components

Sensor components that expose a sensor such as a ambient light, tilt or accelerometer by publishing WAMP events when sensor values change and that can be processed by other WAMP components.

Output Components

Actuator components that usually expose an actuator such as a light, buzzer or servo motor as a procedure remotely callable via WAMP from other WAMP components.


Apps combine one or more components into a IoT solution. They usually have code run non-device WAMP components as well, that provides the backend application logic.


The recipes here each cover specific tasks related to handling the Yun.