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Yun Ambient Light Sensor component

The Arduino Yun Ambient Light Sensor component allows querying the current state of a Tinkerkit ambient light (LDR) sensor and publishes events when this state changes.

Arduino Yun with ambient light sensor

Trying it out

The code for this can be found in the crossbarexamples GitHub repository under iotcookbook. You need to clone this (or download it as a ZIP file).

You need to have one Tinkerkit ambient light (LDR) sensor connected to 'I0' on the Tinkerkit shield (pin 0).

Open a shell for the component directory.

Start up

crossbar start

This also serves a frontend where you can view the ambient light sensor data logged at http://localhost:8080.

In ambientlight_yun.js, add the URL of the machine on which runs:

var connection = new autobahn.Connection({
    // replace with the url of your crossbar instance
    url: "ws://<URL OF YOUR CROSSBAR INSTANCE>/ws",
    realm: "iot_cookbook"

You need to set up the Yun for using AutobahnJS.

Transfer ambientlight_yun.js on the Yun, e.g. by doing

scp ambientlight_yun.js root@<IP of your Yun>:~/

The script is run using Node.js, so you need to have this installed ('opkg install node').

Then run ambientlight_yun.js

node ambientlight_yun.js

This should log

Arduino Yun Ambientlight Sensor starting ...
Arduino connected (over /dev/ttyATH0, board version 2.3)
Connecting to router ...
Router connected. Session ID: 1595783623

Once this is running, open the browser console for the frontend page and reload the page. You shoud see

light level currently is:  73

and when you change the lighting conditions

Light level changed to:  58
Light level changed to:  56
Light level changed to:  58
Light level changed to:  60


The component provides two procedures

and publishes to two topics:

Using it

Adjust the pin and topics as needed.