The IoT Cookbook

Quick access by device: Raspberry Pi | Arduino Yun | Tessel | Intel Edison

The IoT Cookbook provides a collection of ready-to-build recipes for connected IoT components to create your next IoT application.

Building on tested and documented components, makers and developers get a head start and can focus on creating their actual application functionality.


You want to solve a problem and focus your efforts at the application level, not fiddle around to get some basic IoT sensor or actuator component built and connected to your application backends.

With the component collection and all the recipes and tutorials, the IoT Cookbook wants to free you from having to reinvent the wheels all over again.

Components are connected using, which allows you to communicate with WAMP-enabled IoT devices from more than 9 programming languages. The IoT Cookbook has material for different languages as well. And we show how to build your own, reusable components, giving you the ultimate control:

Running things

All the code and examples from the IoT Cookbook is on GitHub here. Clone this locally or download it as a ZIP archive.

Most of the examples in the IoT Cookbook require a WAMP router for communication between WAMP-enabled IoT devices and other application components. While you can use any WAMP router, we recommend

Here are your options:


All recipes and documentation in the IoT Cookbook can be accessed starting from one of the covered devices. The devices we currently cover in the IoT Cookbook are:


IoT building blocks, ready to use in your application:

plus generic remote access & control of GPIO pins on the


Applications which use the components. Get an idea for how combining things works, find code to re-use, be inspired - and maybe already find a solution which fits your needs!